Finacial Consulting

1-1 Finance and Financing Solutions for Companies

In accordance with the ongoing economic changes and a desire for expansion and development in the current and future activity extend financial and financing solutions after study and careful analysis of the financial situation of companies and institutions

According to the data of financial analysis extend financing by financial assistance from local banks the best options and conditions with multiple sources of funding which will help to achieve the objectives of deliberate expansion.


Our Advisers specialization group to deal with the banking and financial sectors have previous experience working in Saudi Arabia, Gulf and international banks.

We will provide credit management expertise to those responsible for the financial management of companies and institutions to have experience in dealing with the future financing and financial sectors. Developmental Center specializes in the search for sources of funding for all sectors and activities of what is in the interest of the facility and serves the objectives

1-2 Evaluation of companies and institutions

The facilities evaluation in order to know the fair value on the assessment, which is usually for the purpose of including the sale and purchase of existing facilities, or entry of a new partner in, or exit partner of them, or transferred from one legal form to another legal form, and we provide our services to our customers in this area to conduct assessment of the companies process and institutions that are interested in evaluating and by following generally accepted valuation methods in this area, and are selected from one or more appropriate to the nature of the entity activity to be set up by roads .

1-3 Review and Internal Audit

a lot of companies is Suffering of the lack of the Department of internal audit manual and program of internal audit, and therefore these enterprises resort to the implementation of internal audit programs by professional and specialized institutions, and we provide our services to our customers in this area based on the desire as well as we provide the establishment and composition of the internal audit department services and through the development of a special guide internal audit of the facility and programs for review consistent with the nature of its activities, size and nature of their work.


1-4 Mergers and Acquisitions:

Mergers and acquisitions have become essential for the growth of companies and achieved profitability and represent these operations solution for the large scale of topics, such as the company's core need for growth through the acquisition of other businesses and the provision of liquidity and exit strategies of investment to shareholders and re-internal or external restructuring of the company include the special merger and acquisitions provided by the Center Advisory Services developmental financial Advisers as follows. Previous careful review of mergers and acquisitions and the creation of sources of financing acquisitions Identification of potential buyers and sellers Careful review of business conduct

1-5 Preparation of accounting and financial systems regulations and procedures that governing its work:

It is well known that the secret of success of any action be organized, and that the secret of the success of the enterprise depends on the availability of financial system and accounting complementary, which helps to regulate the ways of implementing the financial operations, recording and extract their results, and the preparation of financial reports that reflect the financial position of the entity and the results of their work, and the preparation of financial analysis in the right time, and supports the implementation of financial operations successfully on the availability of regulations and procedures for the implementation of those operations. And we provide services to our clients in this area, through the study of the nature of the activity and the size of their facility, and then set up rules and regulations and procedures to comply with that, we also discuss the ideas that we propose during setup with officials at the facility, and after discussion and adoption of the final with authority form, we supervise the application.we supervise the application.